the creative refresh



Bespoke experiences for creatives, inspired by Bali.

We design tailored programs for companies and individuals in the creative fields. We focus on two different experiences:


Customized whole experiences curated just for you and your team (anything from 5 to 10 days)

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Three-day workshops for individuals (four times a year) 

Next one coming up: October 19–21 2018.
The whole experience is curated for you — all you need to do is turn up.


Feed your talent

“The creative mind savours uninterrupted time to wander, tinker, and ultimately move great ideas into action.”

—Jeffrey Davis



We're calling all creators – from the writers to the designers, makers, entrepreneurs and everyone in between.

If you make a living from your creativity, or the creativity of your team, it’s time to press pause, hit refresh and replenish your innovative drive. 

The Creative Refresh program offers your team an opportunity to relax, connect and grow. We house you in boutique accommodation, introduce you to local creative stars, feed you well (and often), and curate off-the-beaten-track activities based on your wants and needs.

Your itinerary might include anything from intimate studio visits to immersive discussions, hands-on workshops, unique culinary experiences and plenty of opportunities to put your feet up. In short, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at Bali’s fascinating creative ecosystem, with the goal of bringing your team some fresh inspirational juice.


Tailored For Companies

“Companies (need to) have an untapped opportunity to engage a whole new form of learning through hands-on and immersive experiences.”

—Krisztina 'Z' Holly


Why Bali?

Bali is like a magnet for creativity. The local culture is known around the world for its rich artistry, striking performances and craftsmanship.

You’ll notice subtle beauty almost everywhere — from the way an offering sits in a doorway to the gentle hum of giant kites in the windy season — which is why free-thinkers from all corners of the globe flock here for inspiration.

The expatriate community also contributes to the island’s creative bravado. Together with local inventors, they’ve helped spread Bali’s ingenuity all over the world, through products and businesses such as Green School, Gaya Ceramics, and Threads of Life. We’ll take you into the workspaces of these companies, and many more, to show you how the creative process flows, island-style.

Bali is full of surprises. You’ll be lifted by its spiritual energy, moved by its hospitality, and wowed by its natural beauty. But don’t just take our word for it — the island’s high-profile fans include Barack Obama, who spent several months in Bali to conclude the writing of his memoir; author Elizabeth Gilbert who penned her blockbuster novel Eat, Pray, Love after a visiting Bali; and the late singer David Bowie, whose love for Bali was so profound he requested his ashes be scattered on the island.


And who are we?

We’re a team of event designers and brand storytellers, operating out of Ubud, Bali. Our portfolio includes the likes of TEDxUbud, IBUKU, Threads of Life, and a host of other movers and shakers from Bali and beyond. 

Our business exposes to a whole lot of creative goodness. And it’s about time we shared the fun. 


Why should your team do this together?

We believe in the power of gathering. Connection between people can only lead to good things, and taking the time to learn, collaborate and create as a team has the power to change how you operate going forward. 

How is this different from a regular work retreat?

Firstly, it’s not all juices and yoga — but we can make that happen, if it’s what you need. 
You’ll be learning a handful of practical skills and given plenty of downtime to soak them all in. We’ll help you select workshops, tours and discussions that actually appeal to you and your team. You’ll be taking time not just for yourself, but for the wellbeing of your entire workplace. Nothing in the Creative Refresh program is put on for show — the studios, homes, workshops and kitchens you’ll be visiting are entirely authentic, operational spaces. 

Who should go?

Individuals, teams and entire companies can all benefit.

Why don’t I just go on a spiritual or wellness retreat?

Not everyone likes puppies, not everyone likes ice-cream and not everyone is moved by spirituality and wellness. Of course, Bali is brimming with incredible mind-body experiences – meditation, bodywork and traditional ceremonies, among them – that can be woven into your refresh. But we don’t want the experience to be limited to wellness-only activities. Besides, there are plenty of people doing a solid job of that already. We’re here to get your mind ticking.  

What are the benefits? 

A happier, relaxed, better-connected team.  
A handful of frighteningly impressive new craft skills.
Exposure to internationally-renowned creatives and their workspaces.
A connection with one of the most creative communities in the world.
A new lease on creativity.
Weather permitting, a golden holiday glow.