What makes it unique?


One of the biggest driving forces behind our desire to create The Creative Refresh is paying homage to the artisans of Bali and their incredible skills. Bali is a creative's paradise. If you can imagine something, you can find an artisan to bring it to life.

In this age of digital design, we believe in the value of knowing how something is made and being able to trace that process from start to finish.  Many of these traditions are being lost and we do everything we can to support initiatives and people devoted to reviving and renewing these skills. 

It's not just about watching other people use their hands, we also believe that one of the most amazing ways to renew creativity is to get your own hands into a brand new material, technique or medium. We program lots of hands-on activities to help you get out of your head and into a whole new world.

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Bali has a special way of allowing creativity to be limitless. Perhaps it is because of the way craftsmanship and artistry is woven into every aspect of traditional and daily life. Some of the most exciting architectural innovations and spaces are located in Bali. We can help get you into spaces that aren't usually open to the public and encounters with the creative geniuses behind them.  Watch Elora Hardy's TED talk on bamboo architecture to get a feel for what we mean. 


Reconnecting with Nature

The greens and overwhelming lushness of Bali’s landscapes are legendary. We’ll introduce you to some of our favorite off-the-beaten-track spots so you can take a deep breath in and let some jungle oxygen into your system. Guaranteed to help your creativity!

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Women in Design

If you wanted us to design a Creative Refresh just featuring incredibly talented female creatives, we could do that with our eyes shut! It may be that we are a team of all women, or maybe it's because of Bali's famously feminine energy, but the island has some of the most phenomenal design initiatives and projects we've ever seen driven or led by women. 

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Sustainable Design

Bali has an incredibly fertile design scene driven by sustainable and green values. Perhaps a response to the many environmental challenges facing the island, or a result of the global awareness fostered by Bali's exposure to the world.   There are a dedicated cohort of creators who are taking no shortcuts and making no excuses in their commitment to sustainability.  We'd love to introduce you to them. From slow cloth and eco fashion, to farm to table, permaculture design, fair trade, community empowerment, sustainable architecture, green education, upcycling and zero waste production, some of the most well-known international pioneers are based on the island.  If you're looking for a deep immersion into the world of  sustainable, green or eco design, you've come to the right place.

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Dance & Music

Bali's performing arts scene has a rich history and an exciting future. The stories being told through music and dance are powerful,  striking an emotional chord with the audience. The innovations in staging, lighting and performance marry the traditional and the new beautifully, creating never before seen combinations. What we will show you has nothing to do with the tourist shows and the private performances mean you can totally immerse yourself in every sight and sound and open a dialogue with the performers.

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Art & Artists

Artists were once the first points of contact for the island with the outside world. The first wave of European artists created incredible collaborations with the master artists of Bali. Today, European influences have made way for more Asia-Pacific elements and a whole new scene is flourishing with experimentation with many different mediums, materials and techniques. The studios and behind-the-scenes projects that are underway will leave you breathless. 

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From traditions of Balinese cuisine to chefs on the cutting edge, Bali has a lot to feed both your mind and tastebuds. Edible art is one phrase that springs to mind when we think of the culinary offerings on the island. The move towards slow food and sustainability by many leaders in the food scene is also inspiring (as well as incredibly delicious!). Get in the mood by watching the Chef's Table episode on the amazing Room4Dessert by Will Goldfarb. You can always book these restaurants on your own, but we can go a step further and take you into the processes, inspiration and experiments underway by the greats of Bali's food scene.