Creative Refresh II

1-3 March 2019
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

We're calling all creators – from the writers to the designers, makers, entrepreneurs and everyone in between.


If you make a living from your creativity, or just want to nurture that side of your brain, it’s time to press pause, hit refresh and replenish your innovative drive. We will introduce you to local creative stars, feed you well (and often), and curate off-the-beaten-track activities, all in the name of restoring your creativity and filling up your inspiration bank. 

Your itinerary will include intimate studio visits, immersive discussions, hands-on workshops, unique culinary experiences and plenty of opportunities to soak in the best of Bali. In short, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at Bali’s fascinating creative ecosystem that not many people get a chance to see. 

We will begin with a delicious coffee and a chance to get to know your fellow participants at a local cafe. Then we’ll head to a three-hour exploration of Indonesia’s natural dye traditions and batik techniques. We’ll end with an amazing dinner in one of Ubud's hidden gems on Friday night. On Saturday, we go to our base for the day—a beautiful compound that opens up to rice field—to immerse ourselves in two different workshops, exploring rare techniques and getting our hands on some fascinating materials. We will wrap the day with a swim and a bit of cloud-watching before heading back to Ubud.

On Sunday, we will pick you up early and head to a studio in the north of Ubud to get our hands in some clay with one of Bali’s quirkiest artists before enjoying a lunch by the rice fields (sensing a theme here, come to think of it). Finally, to leave us all with a sweet taste, we will end the weekend with a visit to a chocolate-making atelier.

All for IDR 4,900,000


The Creative Refresh Bali by Krisna Overton-4379.jpg

Bali: a magnet for creativity

Bali has a special way of never saying no to crazy beautiful ideas. Whole houses made of bamboo? Why not. Giant dragons made of fresh coconut leaves? Sure. Edible art? Of course. 

You’ll notice subtle beauty almost everywhere — from the way an offering sits in a doorway to the gentle hum of giant kites in the windy season — which is why free-thinkers from all corners of the globe flock here for inspiration. We’ll take you into the workspaces of these pioneers, and many more places, to show you how the creative process flows, island-style. 

Let us introduce you to eight creatives currently setting the world on fire with their genius.

Hands-on creation and mind-blowing skills

If you're like most creatives these days, you probably do most of your work glued to a computer screen. The Creative Refresh is an amazing opportunity to create with your hands — not a pixel to be seen, we promise. During your time with us you will be part of four carefully curated workshops, each time creating something completely different with your own two hands. Hopefully this will trigger a waterfall of ideas you can use in your work and give you a new appreciation of the hidden facets of Bali's creative ecosystem.

You'll also have the chance to hang out with Bali's local creative stars and pick their brains about their creative processes and more.

The Creative Refresh Bali by Krisna Overton-4177.jpg

Sensory overload

No experience is complete without feeding all five of your senses — and that includes your tastebuds! We will feed you well, and often with some of the most interesting and innovative edible delights Bali has to offer. 

Come for inspiration, stay for the food.

The Creative Refresh Bali by Krisna Overton-3340.jpg
The Creative Refresh Bali by Krisna Overton-2381.jpg

What’s included? 

» Four extraordinary workshops, plus all the materials needed.

» One dinner + two lunches, snacks, water refills

» All transport during Friday, Saturday & Sunday (pick up and drop off in Central Ubud) 

» The goodie bag

Exclusions: Flights, airport transfers, accommodation costs. Send us an email with your budget and we'll happily recommend accommodation options.